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GoSmart Mobile was founded in 2012 by T-Mobile. It was later sold off and is now one of several prepaid wireless brands that are currently owned by TracFone. Service is still provided by the T-Mobile network. TracFone Wireless, Inc. (TFWI) is an American prepaid, no-contract mobile phone provider. TFWI is a subsidiary of Mexico's largest telecommunications company, América Móvil, and offers products and services under several brands.

Frank feels he's been deceived and shares his experience on Amazon, "The listing indicates that the shipped product will merely be an unopened sim card from Gosmart Mobile as well as a card for the first month's service(individual items sold and shipped together). This is inaccurate. What is actually being sold is an opened sim(opened presumably so the seller, Wireless Warehouse USA, can handle the initial setup and activation of the included 1st month's service) pre-activated with the first month's service. If the Wireless Warehouse USA had properly listed the "Gosmart Mobile Sim Card Kit includes 1st month $35 unlimited Plan" I would not have purchased from them. The sim card and prepaid plans can be easily purchased from gosmartmobile.com or their Amazon storefront for less hassle from a better known and more reliable company."


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Daniel Arce says

"Really bad. They gave my number to another person cause a storm passed and we lost electricity and internet service and I could refill it and only passed 2 days prepaid services should wait 180 days but this Company failed. I called customer service and they don't wanted to give my number back. Im not a new customer more than 3 years with them and this number was very important cause was linked with all my bank accounts doctors and bussiness I had no choice to get another number wich weirdly had 1 day working before refil it and now i have alot of ppl that i dont know asking me who am I and why i have this number like if it was from other person and was still activated. Im not happy with all this.... Bad experience."

Zakaria Mustafa says

"Terrible and worst customer service as well as unprofessional dropped Calls etc wanted to add long distance after waiting one hours These people could not do it"

Kandi Gul says

"The absolute WORST!! Very disrespectful, rude and non knowledgeable of there own systems or rules! Very rude to elderly. Manager at corporate Lovely is very rude and nasty!! We called in to fix the voicemail and these crazy people changed my mom's number twice and are refusing to fix it. We never asked for it to be changed! Now my mom is unable to recieve calls from her heart surgeon! Go else where!!!"

R says

"GoSmart Mobile is complete garbage do not get this I've been with them for a while now and I've never been able to access my online account the internet is horribly slow if you have a problem tech support can never fix it pay a little more money and go somewhere else cuz if you have a problem with GoSmart you'll be completely dissatisfied"

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